Carrie Gibson

Carrie Gibson’s credits include Bones, Scream Queens, Superstore, All Rise, Hollywood, This is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, Lucifer, ACS: Impeachment, FBI: Most Wanted, a recurring role on the Netflix comedy The Politician and the must see movie, King Richard. She has been in a number of independent films on both coasts and just recently shot a recurring role on Barry.

Jennifer Keane

Jennifer Keane, born in NY, won first place at a national dance competition at age 14 and went on to study musical theatre at AMDA NY. Upon graduation she began her training as an actor with Susan Batson who directed her in a one-person show Jennifer wrote about the coming-of-age Shirley MacLaine.

Moving to Hollywood, she booked her first short film ‘City Bus’ directed by Lauren Hoekstra. She trained in Stella Adler’s 3-year conservatory program in New York and is now based in the Southeast. Her recent roles include a co-star on HBO Max’s The Deuce, Cece in Twisted House Sitter 2 and now Corrine in “This is Our North Dakota.” In her spare time she writes screenplays, choreographs, and develops new characters in class with John Markland.

Todd Cattell

Toni Poe

Toni Poe is a voice/film actor and multimedia artist and is the producer/hostess of the Healing Hearts Show w/ Toni Poe (XOD Network). She is a published book author of “Inspiration from a Crazy Muse”, and author/illustrator of the “Tiny Tales by Toni” Series (Sowaseed, Operation No Scrub, Toothy). Toni voices the characters and composes the music for her stories, and is best described as a woman who eats all the fruits of life! She has observed so much in her journey and has the viewpoint that ultimately, love transforms, heals and inspires.

Rich Greene

Rich Greene is a voice actor who loves to tell a story. Whether it’s by playing the part of an intergalactic energy vampire or a bully-busting goldfish in podcasts and film or creating friendly, intelligent, and relatable narration for ads and explainer videos, Rich will provide the energy and professionalism needed to tell your story. Besides being a voice actor, Rich has worked as a rock band frontman, a singer, a guitarist, a songwriter, an educator, and a game show contestant. He loves long walks along the Erie Canal and mashed potatoes.