Our second episode is adapted from the short story “Pal,” a 2020 finalist for the Bristol Prize in the UK. It was published in the Bristol Prize Anthology. The screenplay adaptation has garnered several awards including an Independent Shorts Award, Cult Critic Movie Award, and Indie Short Fest award, all for best short screenplay. It was an official selection in the Paris International Short Festival and Vienna Indie Short Film Festival. Pal is, at its heart, a story of family.




Sarah McGuire–Narrator

Sarah McGuire has been in the film industry since 2011. Since then, she has had the incredible honor of being involved in such movies as “The Stylist”, “Below the Fold”, and most recently has a film called “They Wait in the Dark” premiering in Popcorn Frights Film Festival and FrightFest in London later in August. She is incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to work with Michael as the Narrator for “Pal”, and cannot wait for others to hear what a beautiful and heartfelt story this is!

Steve Kasan–Pal

Steve Kasan is an actor, writer, and illustrator in Toronto. Some of his acting credits include the Body Horror thriller, Lifechanger. Vice’s hit series, Dark Side of the Ring. Blood Rytes of the Vampyr and the Christmas Comedy hit, Cup of Cheer.

Hannah Rose Dorph–Kid

Hannah grew up in the historic and culture-filled pocket in Pennsylvania known as Bucks County; both Roger Hammerstein and Stephen Sondheim have also had the privilege of calling Bucks County home.
Hannah’s first indication that theatre was her calling was in the car with her father when he would play the Sirius XM Broadway station. She participated in drama all through high school and after some careful consideration studied Educational Theatre in the Music and Performing Arts Professions sector at NYU’s Steinhardt. She graduated as an honors scholar with a perfect 4.0 and a founder’s day award for her dedication and hard work. Hannah also minored in Media, Culture, and Communications. LISTEN TO MY INTERVIEW WITH HANNAH

Julia Garlotte–Linda Sears

Julia is an actor, narrator, voice artist and sound designer based in Michigan. She has a love for the outdoors, sci-fi, and her cats. JuliaGarlotte.com

Keillor Mau–Evander

Keillor Mau, 13, has been acting and modeling since he was 10. His real love is the trampoline, which he spends hours on every day, perfecting his flips.

A rising 9th grader, Keillor has been diving for the high school dive team since he was 12.