Little Bird

“Little Bird” is adapted from the short story of the same name which won the Black Warrior Review Fiction Contest in 2014. I wrote the first draft of the story in grad school in a class titled The Literature of War. It may have originally been called “A Child’s War.” The title comes from an Army cadence call in which the speaker lures a beautiful bird to the window sill and kills it. I was inspired by the grotesque and inhumane images from Abu Ghraib prison. I couldn’t help imagining those guards who treated others in such a despicable manner going home to their own families. The story has been adapted into a staged reading as well as a screenplay. This episode contains profanity and adult situations as well as suggestions of abuse. It is intended for listeners over the age of 13. 

A little bird with a yellow bill

Was sittin’ on my window sill

I lured her in with a piece of bread

And then I smashed her little head

—Army cadence call




Lily Sanders–Narrator

Lily Sanders is known as the Locksmith to the Heart. She is an actress, noted author, major media expert on intimate partner violence, and speaker, awarded one of the Top Ten Coaching Experts in NYC. Noted for her book “Truth to Triumph” she was recently awarded “Distinguished Favorites for 2020”. Lily eloquently takes you through her journey from adversity to triumph with riveting content and compelling storytelling. She demonstrates her abilities through acting, story-telling, writing, and speaking. Her most recent project is her Podcast, “Beyond the Current Situation” where she gives back by sharing insight from celebrities, global thought leaders, medical pioneers, and serial entrepreneurs. Lily Sanders’ passion is for humanity and thrives on helping others live life at a much deeper level. Her mission is to entertain and produce entertainment that brings positive social change.

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Kai McAlvin–Soldier

Kai McAlvin is an 18-year-old American gender-fluid actor born on November 15th 2003 in Long Island, New York. They began performing at the age of 8 in community theatre and have fallen in love with the art of acting. Kai is based in Atlanta, Georgia and began pursuing acting professionally in February of 2021 when they signed with a talent agent and booked a small role for TV. Currently, they are working on different film & voiceover projects. They are excited to be a part of this project!

Tim Knutsen–Sir

Tim is a Minnesota native living in the Chicagoland area for the past thirty years with his wife and partner – and now ‘voice coach’ — of almost 40 years, Shala. Tim is new to the ‘VO’ industry and views it as a hobby at this point. He has two movie VO credits and two podcast (including Little Bird) credits.

Ryan Goffman–Sam

Ryan is a Voice Actor who was born and raised in Massachusetts. He has been acting from a young age, going to summer camps and doing school plays throughout his childhood. Once he was done with school, he focused and found success in television and on the stage. Since then he has moved to the beautifully remote town of Island Pond, Vermont and trained especially to transition his skills to Voice Over.

You can also hear Ryan in Episodes 1 and 4