Left & Leaving was adapted from the short story of the same name. After his girlfriend Andi disappears, Michael desperately searches for her while struggling with his own identity separate from her.

Danny Gavigan

Danny is a stage and screen actor based in Brooklyn. As a voice over artist, he has recorded over 500 audiobook adaptations for Graphic Audio and narrated the New York Times bestselling FULFILLMENT: WINNING AND LOSING IN ONE-CLICK AMERICA as well as the upcoming first book of the fantasy trilogy DANCE OF THE SIBLING SUNS: AN OCEAN OF OTHERS. Danny is a member of the acting company at Everyman Theatre in Baltimore, for which he produced, edited, and hosted the podcast EVERYMAN THEATRE’S RESIDENT GHOST COMPANY, distributed by NPR.


Nneka is an actress and storyteller. She has performed on stage, on camera, and can also be heard in the podcast “Slates and Koffee”, which she cohosts. She has a BA in theatre performance and continues to train in various studios.

Toni Poe

Toni Poe is a voice/film actor and multimedia artist, and is the producer/hostess of the Healing Hearts Show w/ Toni Poe (XOD Network). She is the author of “Inspiration from a Crazy Muse“, and author/illustrator of the “Tiny Tales by Toni” Series (Sowaseed, Operation No Scrub, Toothy). Toni voices the characters and composes the music for her stories, and is best described as a woman who eats all the fruits of life! She has observed so much in her journey and has the viewpoint that ultimately, love transforms, heals and inspires.

Reagan Prum

Reagan is an emerging actor with a passion for storytelling and bringing characters to life with his voice. He has seven years of improv experience under his belt and studied Professional theatre at Dawson College for 3 years, graduating in 2022.

Juan Pablo Suarez

Juan Pablo is new to the Atlanta acting scene, but very eager to learn as much as he possibly can and sink his teeth into new work. He studied for four years at the Gainesville Theatre Alliance and continues to take classes at Drama Inc. Juan is very excited to be working on this project specifically as he has done very little voice acting and would love to dive further into the scene.

Ryan Goffman

Ryan is a Voice Actor who was born and raised in Massachusetts. He has been acting from a young age, going to summer camps and doing school plays throughout his childhood. Once he was done with school, he focused and found success in television and on the stage. Since then he has moved to the beautifully remote town of Island Pond, Vermont and trained especially to transition his skills to voiceover.