“As a co-star, Michael Mau was hands down one of the most compelling scene partners I’ve ever had. His ability to listen and react with spontaneity and nuance, rather than simply waiting to say his lines, made for an electrifying experience. As co-producer of the film, I was particularly impressed by his consistent punctuality and affability. I would, without a doubt, work with Michael again!”

– Chad Eric Smith, Actor & Co-Producer (Fatherless)


“Very rarely do we come across a natural talent that has the poise, resilience, and patience like actor Michael Mau. He has true charisma and spot on instincts on camera . A beautiful actor inside and out what a lovely contributor to work with. The pleasure was all ours when he embodied and brought to life, Tex, for a very special 1970’s Music Video starring opposite Michelle Monaghan for Little Big Town’s single “Over Drinking.”

-Photographer/ Director, Alexa King (“Over Drinking”)


“Michael is one of the most versatile and uninhibited actors with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working.  He is creative, dedicated to his craft and shows up prepared and eager to contribute.   I am excited for my next project when I will collaborate with him in a larger capacity.”

-David Towner, Writer/Director (Our Scripted Life)


“Michael is an excellent reader of subtext, not only as it concerns his character but the scene in full and the greater narrative as well.  He brings that knowledge to set with him, ready to implement an array of acting techniques to amplify the written subtext and heighten the drama of the scene.  He also has an uncanny ability to feel shot scale and adjust his performance accordingly.  Working with Michael was a true joy and an experience I would gladly revisit any time.”

-William M. Crouch, Writer/Director/Producer (Fatherless)


“As a voice actor, Michael has an ability to capture the essence of a character with subtlety and nuance, and his range is impressive. For “Blayne” I wanted to get across a mixture of aspects; his physicality and capableness, as well as a sense of world-weariness. Michael was able to portray all of that and bring him to life, working with nothing but the dialogue and his voice. You can see the performance, and, more importantly, you can see Blayne. I’m excited to continue working with him.” 

– J. Barton Mitchell, Writer/Director (“DERELICT“)


In “The Noots” Michael Mau brought our vision for The Scientist to life. On set he was the absolute embodiment- but better- of this character that had previously only existed in our minds. He took direction quickly, was adaptable when presented with new ideas, and when given the opportunity to improv he did so with ease, which added a new dimension of comedy to our film. When cameras weren’t rolling, Michael was professional, friendly, and focused on the production. Between the energy he brought to the set and how he portrayed his character, I can’t imagine a better actor filling the shoes of The Scientist. 

-Alyssa Peterson, Creative Director Paper Crane Cinema Co. (The Noots)


“Michael was a consummate professional working on our film. He was punctual, communicative, resourceful, and above all else he delivered an outstanding performance!”

– J. Thomas Long, Writer, Director, Producer (Last Holler)


“I had the pleasure of working with Michael Mau on a commercial campaign for Holiday World Theme Park in the year of 2019. Michael has an energetic personality and he took every aspect of the shoot seriously. In addition, he brought the best out of the other cast members and even the crew on set. I would cast him again if the opportunity arose.”

-Michael Paul Jones, Director