Best Laid Schemes

Adapted from the short story published in Ferocious Quarterly, Best Laid Schemes was inspired by a work of art by illustrator Emory Allen and a poem by Robert Burns–the same poem from which John Steinbeck borrowed the title of Of Mice and Men. The editors of Ferocious Quarterly paired me with Emory for the issue “Be Prepared.” His illustration was so perfect, I wrote the first draft in one sitting. That was ten years ago. This version includes an alternate ending that is maybe a little less bleak.




Sandie Keane–Narrator

Sandie is an enthusiastic older adult who has found a new lease of life during our world lockdown – having followed theatre and acting since a child, her life has done a full circle and she’s back now doing what ignites her – she loves reading and telling stories. She says, “Audible stories are a way forward to bring those who find it hard to pick up a hard copy to bring stories to their ears which allows the imagination to run with the story that a visual concept can never do.”

Reagan Prumm–Lion

Reagan is an emerging actor with a passion for storytelling and bringing characters to life through the voice. He has 7 years of improv experience under his belt and studied professional theatre at Dawson College for 3 years, graduating in 2022.

Toni Poe–Gazelle

Toni Poe is a voice/film actor, multimedia artist, and is the producer/hostess of the Healing Hearts Show w/ Toni Poe (XOD Network). She is a published book author of “Inspiration from a Crazy Muse”, and author/illustrator of the “Tiny Tales by Toni” Series (Sowaseed, Operation No Scrub, Toothy). Toni voices the characters and composes the music for her stories, and is best described as a woman who eats all the fruits of life! She has observed so much in her journey, and has the viewpoint that ultimately, love transforms, heals and inspires.

Brian Wiggins–Seal

Brian Wiggins is a Voice Arts Award-nominated professional voice actor, who’s lent his voice to iconic brands like Southern Comfort, Champion, and Tyson Chicken, as well as narrating the audiobooks for the award-winning Frith Chronicles by Shami Stovall and Why Sharks Matter by Dr. David Shiffman, among many others. He is also a life-long gamer, growing up on NES and the D&D Red Box, a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, and a BBQ pitmaster. He and his wife live in Philadelphia with their two rescue dogs.

Kymberley Cochrane–Polar Bear

Kymberley is an actor, singer, musician, writer and voiceover artist from the UK. Working from her award-nominated (yay!) home studio, she has voiced for the BBC, TV Commercials, multiple audio dramas, game characters and now has had the absolute privilege of voicing a Polar Bear!

Ryan Gaiser–Crocodile

A voice actor from Boston MA, Ryan has been involved in numerous audio productions while also hosting his own podcast and review series.

Misti Medders–Pelican

Misti is a voiceover artist passionately looking for opportunities to show off her talent and her–as described to Misti by a reliable source–engaging personality. A career as a voiceover artist began later in life for her. She is formally a nationally certified paralegal, having worked in various legal environments for 15 years. Her legal career concluded after the birth of her son in 2001, as his autism required a full-time commitment. Although he continues to require her assistance, he is more self-sufficient, which allows Misti to devote most of her time to developing her voiceover craft and expanding her repertoire. She offers a variety of voiceover services from her studio in New Orleans, Louisiana. And her southern charm is free of charge. Learn more about Misti at www.mistimedders.com.

Aivi Dam–Mouse

Aivi has been actively voice acting for two years and she loves it! She is most passionate about projects that become live animations (hint hint, animators)

Michael Mau–Man

Michael Mau wrote and directed this episode, so he gets to play any part he chooses. Find him here on this website right now.