Seeing these reliefs on a screen does not do them justice. They simply look like screen prints. This is not the case. I begin my process with a large piece of cardboard. The first ten of the 16 square foot pieces were created using a cardboard backdrop from the play Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Where once there were stars twinkling in the black night are now images carved with craft knives.

I sketch out the images first, marking where I need to cut and what space will need to be removed to reveal the corrugated guts of the cardboard. Then begins the arduous process of cutting sometimes infinitesimally small details. I really do not know what the image will look like until it is finished and I stand ten feet away.

I have used cardboard from bike shops, delivery services, retail stores, and my neighbor’s garbage.

All of my work is for sale, and while I believe everyone should be able to afford art, I also need to pay rent. Keep in mind that shipping these is expensive.