OPENS APRIL 1, 2023–submit below


The first season challenged listeners with such topics as abuse, racism, transphobia, PTSD, and poverty; but also family, grit, resilience, compassion, and platypuses. 

Season Two is focused on damaged relationships and lonely people looking for wholeness. In other words, humans.

For Season Three, we are searching for at least ten more original stories (fiction, creative nonfiction, or narrative poetry).


Ten short works (up to 40 pages) will be selected for production.

The authors will be credited on IMDB

One winning writer will take home a $300 cash prize and their audioplay will act as the cornerstone episode.


Submissions must be a maximum of 40 pages and consist of a single work. Exceptions will be made for shorter companion stories.

All entries will be considered anonymously. Do not include author name on manuscript pages. Non-anonymous manuscripts will be disqualified.

Work may be adapted from previously published work from the same author(s).

Early Bird Fee: $20

Standard Reading Fee: $30. 

Late Deadline Fee: $45

Extended Deadline Fee: $65

Use the offer code POWERLESS at checkout for a complete fee waiver.

By submitting to A Blind Play of Social Forces Season Three Competition you are affirming the following:

  • That the submission being entered is the sole work of the writer or writers who in totality contributed 100% of the contents of the audioplay.
  • That for works written by more than one writer, all writers have agreed to submit the work for consideration.
  • That for works written by more than one writer, any collaborators no longer involved and not claiming copyright privileges over the material have relinquished their claim to copyright in writing, or electronically, proof of which can be provided.
  • That the writer(s) has permission to use any work included in the selection that they have not written themselves.


Pages must be numbered and typed in 12-point Courier font with standard margins. All entries must be submitted in English. Brief dialogue in another language is acceptable so long as an English translation is provided.

Submissions should be submitted only as a PDF. We WILL NOT accept Word .docs, Final Draft, Celtx or any other file formats.


The author(s) will retain all copyrights for the original work of fiction or creative non-fiction.


  • Notification Date July 28, 2023
  • Series airs November 2 – December 28, 2023


Why is there an entry fee?

The podcast is… well, it’s expensive: hosting fees, music, actors, etc. However, if money is all that is stopping you from entering, send me an email at michaelmau@themauhaus and I’ll give you a code for a deep discount.

That quotation is very serious. Does my story have to be dramatic?
No way. We live in an absurd and funny world. We here at MauHaus have great senses of humor. Make us laugh.

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be serious, but does it have to do with social justice?
Nope. We accept a very wide interpretation of the quotation. Don’t limit yourself.

If I have a short story, do I need to convert it into an audioplay to submit? You are welcome to, but that is not necessary. We just want to be wowwed by your storytelling.

May I submit multiple times? Writers can submit as many stories as they’d like to the competition. Each submission requires an application, payment and original work. If you are reading this and want a discount code for multiple submissions, email me at michaelmau@themauhaus.com

What if our audioplay has multiple authors? We happily accept submissions with more than one author or contributor. Please make note of each author’s name in your submission. Should a selection with two or more writers be named a winner of the competition, the award will be divided equally among them.

Do I need a title page? We do not have a rule regarding title pages. But it is recommended that include the title, author(s), and any relevant registration or copyright information.

Will I get feedback on my script? All submissions will reviewed by producers, but due to the high volume of submissions we will not be able to provide feedback on entries.

I have a short story I’d like to submit; can I do that. In short, yes please. You may also format as a script (but we value quality writing over formatting).

May I submit if a version of this story is published in print? Please check with the publication to determine ownership rights, but we welcome adaptations from short fiction. Our first two seasons exist because of published short fiction

What if I want to withdraw my script from the competition? Once a project is listed “In Consideration” on FilmFreeway, we are unable to offer refunds for any reason, including (but not limited to):

  1. Duplicate submissions
  2. Failure to pay the full submission fee by the final deadline
  3. Failure to provide a PDF
  4. Project’s failure to comply with submission Rules & Terms
  5. Rejection from the competition
  6. Change in Option or Production Status
  7. Withdrawing your submission for any reason (including changes of heart)